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CAMTREE 1pc. 500 LED Light (C-500-W-1)

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  List Price : $265 | Savings : 26%

Influential enough to light up the shadiest of sets !


Make the difference between a good shot and a great one!!

Transform harsh light into a superior soft light with CAMTREE 1pc. 500 LED Light and achieve perfect light in each and every shot.

Made with our exclusive anti-aging, anti-static material, it provides ideal light transmission.

Whether you're shooting the next Hollywood blockbuster, the nightly news or a "runnin' and gunnin" video, you'll get the broad-source, diffused light you want and the lightweight, collapsible design you need.

Achieve "what you see is what you get” look you want!!!!

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->  Double the intensity of any other comparable brand
->  Built in dimmer control and barn doors
->  Provision for AC/DC operation
->  Lightweight portability
->  6 month warranty
->  Value priced affordability

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Unless you are shooting ENG or live footage, painting pictures with light goes way beyond basic exposure. It is an art. Our Camtree 500 LED light kit helps put the camera lighting paintbrush in your hand. Here's a quote that says it all.
"A cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist - moving an audience through a movie ... making them think the way you want them to think, painting pictures in the dark."

A multi-purpose, practical solution for film, video and still photography applications, as well as a diverse range of projects in theatre, scenery, architecture and retail lighting. Functions as single light, modular light, fill-in studio light or key light in film/video applications.

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->  500 White Led Light with Barn Doors
->  V-Mount Battery Plate
->  Gel Filter Albums
->  Universal Adapter
->  AC Adapter
->  LED Light Stand

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Integrated barn doors ensure the light to go where you want it to.

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Bright and flicker-free light does an outstanding job

->  500 Hi-power, pro LED's in each fixture.
->  1 gel pack for each light for image enhancement.
->  Heat, ballast and flicker free.
->  Extendable 2 section LED light stand upto 7ft.
->  Barn doors.
->  50 watt energy consumption per fixture.
->  Powered by a supplied AC adaptor or batteries up to 24V.
->  50,000 + hours of LED life.
->  Lightweight portability of 2.6kg/less than 6lbs.
->  1 riser lightweight tripod stands.
->  Standard spigot mounting including inverted
->  100% to 10% dimming capability with minimal color shift.
->  Sturdy mounting yokes.


->  Operating temp -20 C to +80C
->  15V DC input
->  Power draw 50 watts at 15 volts
->  Fixture size 12" x 6.7"
->  Head weight 3.24 lbs/1.470kg
->  Stand weight 3.5lbs/1.6kg
->  500 LED (s) per fixture
->  A/C adaptor 100-240V
->  1 section stands extend to 7'
->  Lightweight portability


Each light in our LED Camera Lighting kit comes with its own set of gel filters for creative flexibility and aesthetic picture enhancement.

light filter
Clear frosted filter for softening glare and amber for shooting indoor

   Without Gel Filter    5600° Kelvin
   With Soft White filter    5400° Kelvin.
   Orange Gel filter    3200° Kelvin

  Distance   12"   24"   36"   48"
  Lux   15500lx   7070lx   2200lx   1200lx


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EXLUSIVE of v-mount battery


->  Over charge protection.
->  Over voltage protection.
->  Short circuit protection.
->  Over temperature protection.
->  Wide input voltage range, could stable work under
     100V to 240V.
->  More power exchange savings and less power
     wasting, it works more efficient.
->  PCB & Cover are manufactured with fireproofing
->  Low ripple and noise.
->  Light weight.

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Our fixtures come with a standard V-mount battery plate. Should you wish to have an 'A' mount for Anton Bauer batteries, please advise us on ordering.

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Camtree 500 LED Camera Lighting Kit comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles

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Handy case for storing your gear


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LED technology with heat free operation

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Soft, even light for cheerful portraits

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Casts soft shadow and capture more of an oblique lighting

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Constant light home for extreme effects, just at $218 !


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SKU C-500-W-1
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Weight 11.00 lbs
Market price: $265.00
Our price: $218.00
Quantity (48 available)
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