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Camtree Lens Bracket Support Mount (C-LBS)

lens support
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Protect your valuable lens and capture every shot without fear !


Keep your lens stable for sharper images with Camtree Lens Bracket Support Mount.

Perfect for long lenses the bracket is fully adjustable and provides full support and stability by centering the weight of camera and lens.

Allow your lens to rest gently and securely upon it creating a vibration-free platform, resulting in vibration-free footage.

Achieve maximum creative freedom and enjoyment of photography in a range of challenging shooting conditions.

Firm & durable it is a must have device for your photography equipment’s. It is an investment worth considering.

lens support bracket
->  Made to support heavy lenses on camera rigs
->  Fully adjustable for different lenses
->  Provides smooth, accurate, rotation in any position
->  Adopt to remove the weight and pressure from the camera lens mount
->  Lets a telephoto rest gently and securely upon it, preventing vibration
->  Get the best Lens support for your photography needs
Lens Bracket


Camtree Lens Bracket support mount fits onto your DSLRs lens while providing height adjustability. This bracket is designed to attach to cinema standard 15mm rods. It slides along the rails to adjust and adapt to each individual lens for maximum compatibility. It used to support heavy lenses on camera rigs, removing the bulk of the weight and pressure from the camera lens mount.

Engineered from high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum, it features an adjustable height bracket which can be used with a wide variety of lenses. The rail attachment and height bracket system features thumb screws for tightening.

lens support bracket review


->   Camtree Lens Bracket Support Mount (C-LBS)

camera lens support
Simple yet effective way to provide a physical support to your lens

->  100% brand new and high quality DSLR Camera Lens Support Bracket.
->  Lens support must be used in conjunction with a 15mm (60mm spaced) rods support system
->  Provides additional support for wide angle or telephoto attachment lenses
->  A vertical slot can be adjusted the support lens height to get best support
->  Trimmer knob for easy, quick and accurate vertical adjustment; ideal for use when changing
     lens/camera set-ups frequently
->  Ideal for use with a mini 35mm adapter or large DSLR lenses
->  Simple, Strong & Inexpensive

lens support bracket
Allow lens to rest securely and create a vibration-free platform

->  Made of solid aluminum
->  Hard anodized in matte black finish
->  Rod Clamp fit standard 15mm rods


lens support
Unbeatable tool with vertical adjustability up to 25mm
camera lens support
Gives your camera setup better balance
Exclusive of Camera & Rail System

lens support review

lens support

A fully adjustable, lightweight and compact Lens bracket support for the photographer on the go, just at $29 !


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